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Anesthesia Consulting

We provide a wide variety of consulting services to help you improve the quality of anesthetic care at your facility. These services include:

Remote Anesthesia Support

Remote support for anesthetic cases via remote monitoring. Includes creation of an anesthetic plan and telephone availability for questions and concerns during the procedure.

Anesthesia/Analgesia Consultation

Review of medical records and creation of an anesthetic plan for a surgical or diagnostic procedure.

On-Site Anesthesia Case Management

On-site anesthesia case management by a board certified anesthesiologist. Includes review of patient records, creation of anesthetic plan, monitoring equipment, and presence of the anesthesiologist until recovery.

Telephone Consultation

Phone consult with an anesthesiologist regarding your anesthetic plan, concerns, or any anesthesia questions related to a patient or procedure.

Our anesthesiologist also provides Continuing Education opportunities such as lectures, updates in anesthesia, individual training, group workshops, printed materials and more. 

Please contact Dr. Grasso directly at for more information regarding these sessions. 

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