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Outpatient Surgery at the VSCAN

At the VSCAN, we provide outpatient Specialty Surgery services performed by Dr. Denis Philibert DVM, M.Vet.Sc. Diplomate ACVS on a referral basis. In order to request an outpatient surgery with Dr. Philibert, we require a completed Request Form which you can fill out below.


*NOTE: Pre-Anesthetic medications are strongly recommended for each patient undergoing surgery as it reduces anxiety and allows for better pain control and improves patient recovery.




Please contact us for prices on outpatient specialty surgeries performed at the VSCAN.



  • Once we have received a completed request form from the referring clinic, we will contact the owner to set up the appointment.

  • The complete history, blood work, and radiographs must be received by the VSCAN prior to the surgery for pre-anesthetic screening.

  • Pre and post operative medications are to be dispensed by the referring clinic. The VSCAN team will contact the clinic ahead of the surgery date if they have not received confirmation of this.

  • The VSCAN team will also arrange a telemedicine consult between Dr. Philibert and the owner to occur prior to surgery in accordance with CVO regulations.

  • Every outpatient specialty surgery is overseen by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist as well as a specially-trained Veterinary Anesthesia Technician.

  • Once the surgery is complete, Dr. Philibert will call the owner and go over discharge instructions over the phone.

  • When the pet is ready to go home, one of our team members will contact the owner to set up a discharge appointment with one of our Technicians.

  • The referring clinic will receive an email confirming that the surgery was performed and the patient has recovered from anesthesia.

  • Prior to leaving, the client will be required to pay the VSCAN directly for the surgical services.

  • Dr. Philibert will send the surgical report and a copy of the discharge instructions to the referring veterinarian. The owner will be directed to contact the referring clinic to arrange staples/suture removal, follow up exams, and post-op radiographs.

Pre and Post Anesthetic Meds Dispensed
CBC & Chemistry completed
Chest rads performed?
Upload X-Ray Here
Upload Additional X-Ray Here
Upload Medical Records Here

Thank you for requesting an outpatient surgical procedure at the VSCAN!

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